Smoky Mirror


New Electro collab I did with UCLID, Vic City! PLUS


 Elevate the Arts Freestyle (Beat by Allrounda)


 New Collab project with me and Klame : Be Good Jack! (Beat by Klame)


New Freestyle Vid (Get Busy) (Beat by Armageddion)

 New Talk from Smoky, Explaining ways we can awaken the golden consciousness within!


 New Freestyle (Armageddion Beats)


Shut It Down Ft. RGBeats & Smoky! (Beat By Klame)

Lyrical Grind Ft. Tobes, Smoky & Four (Beat By Tobes)

Check the 2 new tracks I’m on with fellow OFP members at the website, FREE DL!


 2 fresh new freestyle clips for your musical enjoyment !


Magnanimity Cover-Final

Inside cover Fold Out

Magnanimity-2CD-2014 (Cover Art)

The 31 Track Double Disc, is now nearly complete and is just awaiting the final {Mastering} Stage.



Also check out our Label’s Fan page OFP :

Progress with my music and OFP has been steady and we keep releasing new tracks on a regular basis. Everyone is working together to make new dope music and keep the fans happy. There are several new albums in the works so far. One is
a solo album from me which will be a full length double disc called Magnanimity-PROMO. This album was mostly recorded while living in the Comox Valley and is a promo album that will be available for free DL online. The project features many
different artists from all over and has a lot of meaning and value to me personally. Each song has some memory
or emotion attched to it from different expereiences I was going through in life at the time. My friend Benjamin
Dunsten designed the cover again and did an exellent job.


The other two albums to look out for is a group compilation from OFP called “Bless the West-2013″, which features most all the different members taking part in the label including producers and emcee’s. The final project we will also be working on is a new CD from Tobes.

If you missed the update awhile back I released my full length album Moving Mirrors now free to DL here:
Also check out a few new Vids created in the last few months.


Here is my Fan page as well :
Thanks again for the love and support, means a lot to me as an artists. I always enjoy hearing your comments
and feedback; positive or negative. The negative ones are what help me grow as an artist to better
appeal to you all. Feel free to send me suggestions or Ideas anytime
talk to you again soon

Smoky Mirror


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